From Fukuoka to the World, FUJIISEIKO is playing an active role on the global stage.
To bring happiness to people in today's global society, we convey the spirit of Japanese manufacturing to the world through our constant efforts to improve technologies.

Mission statement

Believe all members are the best picked, trust one another, and build a better life based on the idea of coexistence.

Management policy

・Work with the customer’s viewpoint in mind.
・Continue developing and improving our technologies.
・Commit ourselves to attaining stable growth for our company.
・Make efforts to improve our employees’ quality of life.
・Provide thorough training for our employees.
Our basic management policy is to widely contribute to
society by taking these five actions.


Company Name

Business Lines

1057-1 Muroki, Kurate-machi, Kurate-gun, Fukuoka 807-1307, Japan
Tel: +81-949-42-5651 Fax: +81-949-42-3177
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30 million yen
President Fukuyoshi Fujii
February 26, 1976
Design and manufacture of precision dies for producing ICs
Design and manufacture of trimming and forming equipment for producing ICs
Design and manufacture of stamping dies for electric appliances
Manufacture of precision parts for dies
Design and manufacture of jigs and tools

Company milestones

Feb. 26, 1976

Aug. 1980

Aug. 1983
Apr. 1984
Nov. 1988

July 1991

Sept. 1991
Sept. 1992
Feb. 1998

Aug. 1998

Sept. 1998
Nov. 2004
Mar. 2006

President Fukuyoshi Fujii opened private design office in Nakaizumi industrial park of Nogata City,
and began designing dies, jigs and automatic machines.
Built and moved to a new plant at 555 Hase, Kurate-machi, Kurate-gun;
introduced new machines and equipment;
and began designing and manufacturing precision dies and jigs.
Expanded the plant and office to broaden business operations.
Capitalized at 5 million yen and re-established as FUJIISEIKO Co., Ltd.
Built and moved to a headquarters plant at the present address
(1057-1 Muroki, Kurate-machi, Kurate-gun).
Brought plastic die manufacturer MINERVA Co., Ltd.
under FUJIISEIKO's umbrella and made it an affiliate company.
Increased the capital to 10 million yen.
Pursued the CI strategy. Registered trademarks.
Brought electrical machines and equipment manufacturer NISHIO Electric Inc. under
FUJIISEIKO's umbrella and made it an affiliate company.
Established FUJIISEIKO (ASIA PACIFIC) SDN. BHD. (466854-T) in Malaysia
as a foreign base of manufacturing and marketing.
Expanded the plant to meet short delivery times.
Acquired ISO 9001:2000 (for headquarters plant only).
Increased the capital to 30 million yen.
Closed FSAP (plant in Malaysia).
Introduced ultra high-speed stamping presses. Expanded the stamping plant.
Built a new temperature-controlled plant to achieve high-precision machining.
Introduced super-precision CNC 3D measuring machines.

We have business with
many customers overseas.