We design high value-added, high precision dies by making the most of the latest CAD and CAM systems. Our production system is capable of producing precision dies for almost every purpose. Our years of experience and accumulated technologies enable us to produce high-quality dies in a quite short period of time.

In our machining center, raw materials are automatically machined with pre-installed programs. Raw materials for dies are formed into standard shapes in the rough machining process, and then subjected to quenching in the heat treatment process to harden them into dies.

We quickly shape and perforate products into complex configurations by tapping into leading-edge processing machinery including surface grinding machines, optical CNC profile grinding machines, and jig grinding machines. We take great pride in our machining accuracy with micron precision, contributing to manufacturing reliable products.

Using CNC electric or wire discharge machines, we melt materials electrically and form them into complex but perfect shapes with absolute precision.

We assemble parts that are machined according to design drawings, and then run trial tests to ensure that our products fully satisfy users' needs. Should we find any discrepancies, we work until they are eliminated. We also inspect assembled products as finished products when necessary.

We run trial stamping on press-formed products before machining, and adjust and check the height of forming and the dimensions of prepared holes according to specifications. Based on the trial stamping results, we improve the product quality through correction and refinement.